Today was a bad day. We spend many hours trying to perfect our brewing, ensuring that the beer goes through the process of mashing, boiling and fermenting with the least amount of error, contamination and off flavours that can occur in beer due to this process.

The final stage is always packaging and it’s with a heavy heart that today we pour 800 litres of what was a cracking pale ale down the drain and it’s all down to oxygen. Due to our setup and the cost of canning lines we use mobile canning providers and hand on heart we have had only one previous poor experience. This is our second.

To say that pouring beer away is depressing is an understatement, but to pour away beer that we are tasting from the keg and being genuinely excited about is just even more painful. But releasing poor quality beer into the world just isn’t what we are about. That would tarnish us and this beer is most certainly not verdant.

So High Level Kink a 4.8% Pale Ale is out there in keg and tasting superb! Sadly the cans will not hit the shelves and it’s not on the schedule again for a while. It will be back though we can promise you that.

We will be in London pouring this from the Keg this coming weekend so come say hi. We will have a hat on the bar for any loose change we can put towards our own canning line.

  • Thursday 26th / Mother Kelly’s Bottle Shop / Well St Hackney
  • Friday 27th / Bottle Shop Tap / Bermondsey
  • Friday 27th / Rose & Crown / Kentish Town
  • Saturday 28th / Eebria Tap / Bermondsey
  • Monday 29th / Eebria Tap / Bermondsey (Tickets for the Trade Event here)


RIP High level Kink January 2017 – January 2017

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