Buy the NHS a Pint!

Buy the NHS a Pint!

The pandemic on our doorstep has forced us all into lockdown and thrust our NHS onto the front-line.

As small, independent brewing businesses, we don’t have an abundance of PPE or raw materials to donate, and feel we can’t do much to help except keep providing beers to all of you.

With that in mind though, we landed on a simple idea: With your help, we can get a drink into the hands of someone who’s really earned it – our NHS staff. If you buy the NHS a “pint” on any participating brewery’s web-shop, we’ll make sure that a drink gets into the hands of a well deserving NHS worker once we come off lockdown. They are true heroes and deserve to be rewarded once this crisis has passed. It’s a Pay it Forward scheme that will benefit small business as well as those that deserve our thanks.

A small group of breweries has got together to try and geographically represent the country so you can give to the area you most want to support NHS staff in a post-pandemic world: Fyne Ales (Scotland), Wylam (North East), Cloudwater (North West), North Brewing Co (Yorkshire), Verdant, Left Handed Giant and Deya (South West), Duration (East Anglia), Gipsy Hill (South West) and Boundary (Northern Ireland).

Support our NHS staff and buy someone a pint.

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