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LSBB 2021 Cancelled

LSBB 2021 Cancelled

We have made the very very hard decision to fully cancel any attempts to put on the Little (Late) Summer Beer bash in 2021. We’re devastated to have to make this announcement, but we are also incredibly relieved as we are just so very very tired. Let me explain the reasoning before you start emailing us to complain, honestly we understand that people have made arrangements, we know that folk have booked accommodation. What we’d like to say is that we still think you should come and enjoy some time in Cornwall, that is of course if we aren’t in another lockdown come September. We will also be putting something on for those who do choose to come, but sadly it won’t be the event that we wanted it to be. That leads me on to the reasoning behind our decision.


COVID hasn’t and won’t be a part of our past come September.

We simply don’t have the same confidence as our IMHO hapless PM Boris Johnson. We can’t be a part of putting on an event when we read headlines of millions of cases with millions in isolation come the Summer months. 

The plan definitely seems to be herd immunity for our youngsters, by the Summer we reach herd immunity and come the Autumn and Winter we have a population that is protected. That’s the plan, but this plan is riddled with risk. And we don’t want to be a catalyst for bringing that risk to Cornwall. Over the past few months we have seen a huge spike in COVID cases in our small town. With three quarters of our hospitality sector being closed due the pandemic in just one week in June. 


The cost of putting on an uncertain event.

Enough has been said about the past 18 months in regards to the economy and financials. But it’s definitely becoming clearer by the day that the market is very very unpredictable. We’ve destroyed beer, we’ve sold beer but most of all it’s almost impossible to say what next week is going to be like let alone the next quarter. It’s only now that the true effect of the pandemic is hitting home. So with all that uncertainty we’re finding it difficult to commit to costs that may become arbitrary if the event can not happen or at the very least happens but with restrictions in place which leads on to point three.


The Event we all really want to see happen.

With all of the above mentioned, we’re just not happy putting on an event that won’t be the event we want. Couple that with the brewery being a building site which isn’t looking to be finished now until November. I have been looking at alternative sites for the event, but again the additional costs of hosting the event away from the brewery are really making things unattractive. 

We want the event to happen at the brewery. We want everyone to see the new site in all of its glory. So we’re not going ahead this year with the Bash. We’re sorry. We know this is going to cause many of you an inconvenience. So we urge you all to come to Cornwall anyway. Enjoy what the county has to offer. We will also plan some events around Falmouth for people to enjoy. We’ll grab beer from all of the breweries who are invited to pour and make sure there is some of the best beer this country can offer, available to those who choose to come and visit.

We’re truly sorry. But this is for us the right decision.


So what’s next…

  1. We will refund each and every one of you for your tickets.
  2. We will start to think about when we can successfully manage this event.
  3. Plan the event for 2022 and make it the very best event we can.
  4. Watch this space. 

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