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Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks

We have no shame! That's right we are a bunch of sell outs. The first opportunity of money and we bite their hands off without a second thought.

Especially when the offer is to continue supplying beer to one of our favourite online sellers, Honestbrew. In return for an investment of £20,000 for us to spend on new fermentation vessels. We get to increase our capacity and Honestbrew get a continuing supply of our beers for their customers.

We have coupled the investment with an EU Grant (what have they ever done for us) that we have successfully been offered and the two funds together allow us to purchase two new double size fermentors bringing our brew length up to 8000ltrs a week. Still small batch, but a 125% increase on what we were producing this time last year.

The best bit is that Honestbrew care about beer, they are passionate about beer and they aren't in this to reap the rewards off of the back of the brewery. Their goal is to see everyone succeed. So in short we borrow their money and continue to enjoy a relationship with good people in beer.

So is a deal that is good for everyone too good to be true? Nope. We get to produce more beer. Honestbrew continue to stock our beer. In fact this is an amazing opportunity. We are excited to get these new vessels installed and to get brewing.

But in the meantime we have a canning line to get setup. 👊

Be like this guy!

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