Your Eyes Update: Apricot DIPA to Snow Globe

It’s been an interesting week at Verdant. Last week we canned a beer that may well have been our best looking yet. Today, it’s quite possibly our worst. The lush orange opaqueness of our Apricot DIPA now resembles a hazy snow globe.

Therefore, after seeing the reports from over the weekend, assessing the cans ourselves, and some careful deliberation, we’ve decided to withdraw cans of ‘Your Eyes Are Ahead of Your Thoughts’. We believe that beer lovers have come to expect a certain standard from our releases, and unfortunately this one falls short of it.

We’re still investigating exactly what happened to the beer on this occasion, however, we have identified that the apricot puree we added to the brew has grabbed hold of the protein rich murk to form clumps that proceed to settle out at the bottom of the can. The coagulation of the apricot purée and the proteins in the beer took about 4-5 days to complete in package

Though the beer is perfectly safe to drink (those “clumps” are formed purely from apricot, hop oils and protein), we personally wouldn’t be happy with receiving a can in its current state - so therefore don’t expect you to be.

As to why this kind of flocculation has occurred, we are unsure. It does appear to be the only form of clarification that has ever worked on our beers though, which is pretty amazing!

Going forward there are questions we need to find answers to: what caused it? Why didn’t it happen to the Raspberry Gose which also featured a fruit puree addition? Why did it only happen in package? How can we avoid this in the future?

In the meantime, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience and disappointment, and know that we’re particularly frustrated about the result this time given the beer was a long-awaited collaboration with our good friends at Pressure Drop. However, it’s also the perfect excuse to team up again in the near future and continue our experiments together - perhaps without the puree next time.

For those of you that placed orders including the beer last Friday, rest assured, you'll soon receive your partial refund and it will be in your bank account within the next few days. You will also receive a refund for your postage fees. You will still be receiving cans of Roy, I Want A Hilux and Headband if they were part of your order. We’re also withdrawing the beer from wholesale. If you purchased the beer from The Experiment, or direct from the brewery you can return your can(s) for another Verdant beer(s) of your choosing. 

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