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Kernow King & Friends presents Cornish Language Films & Bingo

Kernow King & Friends presents Cornish Language Films & Bingo

Join us for an evening of Cornish language film. Stay for a night of Kernow Language lessons & bingo with your compère, The Kernow King! Followed by music until close.
We will also be raising money for for Kowethas an Yeth Kernow on the night with raffles of various prizes and liquids.

Featuring the following films...

Mab Hudel
Under the shadow of his deceased father, a young farmer and rugby player wrestles with his sexuality.
Directed by Edward Rowe
Jenna is a Truro girl who goes to college during the week and works at her dad’s suit shop, Trebilcocks, on the weekends. Her dad wishes she was more like Jan, who is his full time shop girl, but she just isn’t.
Directed by Bryher Flanders
An Tarow
When his daydreams become inextricably woven with reality, a quiet young boy finds enough courage from his mother’s Cornish tales to confront his abusive father.
Directed by Jonny Dry
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