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Pictish Trail, Bas Jan & Guto Pryce

Pictish Trail, Bas Jan & Guto Pryce

Weird Walk presents Ley Line. Questing for Myth, Magic, Music & Merriment.

Tickets available now

Saturday Oct 1st, 6pm until late

Linear trackways criss-cross this land. Ancient sites and places of deep mythic significance are connected and aligned. These ‘ley lines’ remain the ultimate in participatory landscape magic. Whether they are ceremonial paths, subtle energy channels or plain magical thinking, the power they hold is undeniable.

As part of a South-West Autumn tour (with dates in Exeter, Plymouth and Totnes), we’re absolutely delighted to welcome Pictish Trail, Bas Jan, a specially created Weird Walk video mixtape & a DJ set from Guto Pryce (Super Furry Animals) to the Taproom

Their quest begins deep within the land of the St Michael Line. By following this numinous alignment, the touring musicians of Ley Line will perform a rite of reactivation: by day you are encouraged to seek out your own connections in the landscape, and by night join us for music, merriment and re-enchantment, a collective endeavour in the time of the individual.

Follow the ley and follow the music, join us on this quest.

DJ Juan Carlos

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DJ Juan Carlos

Free Entry! 7pm until late Ragga-Ska-Dub-Soul-Funk-Disco-Electronica-Breakbeat

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