Stone Club Winter Solstice party

Stone Club Winter Solstice party

A day and night of films and music, featuring a live set from the brilliant Orbury Common, a talk from author Tom Cox, a screening of Forest Coal Pit by director Siôn Marshall Waters and much more. We have some very special secret surprises in store too!

Free entry!

Stone Club X Verdant Winter Solstice Party

10pm - Tom Cox DJ set

9pm - Robeam DJ set

8pm - Orbury Common - Live set

7pm - Stone Club DJ Set

6pm - Tom Cox - Reading

5.20pm - Richard Dawson ‘The Hermit’ film directed James Hankins.

5pm - ‘Forest Coal Pit’ film directed by Siôn Marshall-Waters

4.40pm - ’The Beckoning’ film directed by Stewart Hamilton

4.30pm Melyn Melin ‘Nefoedd Yr Adar’ film directed by Edie Morris

4.20pm 'Green Lane Bodelva' film directed by Rachael Jones

4.10pm 'Downstream' film directed by Danny Hammond

4pm 'Down Land' film directed by Danny Hammond

Orbury Common - “The project is led by Bristol and Stroud-based musicians Josh Day-Jones and Emlyn Bainbridge, with Orbory Common becoming a space for folk ritual and electronic production to intermingle.” Clash

You can listen to the Orbury Common mix made especially for Stone Club here

Tom Cox - Tom Cox is the author of, among others, the Sunday Times bestselling The Good, The Bad and The Furry and the Wainwright Prize longlisted 21st-Century Yokel. Help the Witch, his first collection of short stories, was published in 2018 and won a Shirley Jackson award."21st-Century Yokel is simultaneously the funniest and saddest book about the modern countryside that I know. But no surprise there, because Tom Cox is THE soulman of British literature." - John Lewis-Stempel, author of The Running Hare

Richard Dawson ‘The Hermit’ film directed James Hankins. Shot by Bristol-based director James Hankins, The Hermit is an epic, gently disorienting pop video for Richard Dawson's 41min track of the same name. Starting from the song's main conceit–an alternate universe as seen by someone waking in the forest of a constructed video game domain–disparate figures are shown in situations by turns mundane, educational, industrial and fantastical, blurring lines between realities virtual and actual. Dawson plays the loner protagonist, observing on the margins. Is it the past, or a near-future resembling mythic Albion? What happens if there’s a glitch in the virtual world, turning a pastoral scene into one of dread? Are we witnessing the end of days, or an unsettlingly close simulation?

Forest Coal Pit - Forest Coal Pit is an intimate super 8mm portrait of two elderly brothers who live together on a small farm in the Black Mountains, South Wales.This poetic film reveals their relationship and the hyperlocal world in which they exist -  feeding their livestock, tending to their garden and scrap cars, the brothers discuss elephants in China, lobster fishermen, ghosts and each other. Watch the trailer here

’The Beckoning’ film directed by Stewart Hamilton.

In the days preceding a total solar eclipse, the receipt of a peculiar and intriguing gift sets a reclusive man on a path to discover an ancient and unworldly power. Written and directed by Stewart Hamilton. Music by The Night Monitor VFX by Cultzilla

Melin Melyn - 'Nefoedd Yr Adar film - This music video by Edie and George Hoagy Morris for Welsh band Melin Melyn is based on 6 characters from ancient Celtic folk law.
Bwca (welsh) / Púca (Irish) woodland spirit, Blodeuwedd (welsh), knocker (Cornish) / coblynau (welsh) mine goblin, cirein-cròin (Scottish) sea monster, a creature from Annwn (the Celtic otherworld) with red ears, and a Chuff representing the birds that no longer fly over Llyn Idwal. The majority of the characters were shot in Ancient woodland in South Wales. This land is full of Giant Redwood, ancient oak and yew trees and even an Iron Age hill fort. Also Lands End in Kernow. Also Cirein-cròin at a tiny old smugglers cove hidden just down from Lands End, and then The Knocker in an old Tin mine that has been closed for years.

Directed by - George and Edie Morris
Shot by - George Morris
Costumes by - Edie Morris

Cast - Eliot Ditton, Mabli Jên Eustace, Rhodri Brooks, Gruff Glyn, Edie Morris.

Green Lane Bodelva film directed by Rachael Jones

Based in Cornwall, Rachael Jones is a filmmaker whose work celebrates the overlap between mainstream and avant-garde filmmaking practices.

Rachael experiments with different techniques that bring together analogue and digital forms. She is interested in the aesthetics of collage, intertextuality and the fusion of found and newly created art forms through which ideas, layers of meaning and its interpretation are entertained.

Down Land & Downstream directed by Danny Hammond.

From the heartland of East Sussex flows the River Ouse, through grassland, villages and industrial netherworlds. Hiding dark histories of suicide, lost battles and spiritual shifts, this poetic journey charts the river’s course and all the life she affects on her way to the sea. It’s the first in a series of short films about rivers and life on the periphery in the UK.


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