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Matthew Shaw, October 06, 2023

Club Shipwrecked

Filed under: Brewing Folk / Podcast
Club Shipwrecked


The Shipbuilders, hailing from Liverpool, are a band that defies categorisation, blending various influences into their music. Their debut album, "Spring Tithe," released via May 68 Records, was a DIY success, selling out physical copies and earning critical acclaim. The band's unique sound has been described as everything from Gypsy Scouse Surf to Noir Shanty, showcasing their willingness to explore diverse musical realms. They have recently expanded to a five-piece lineup, adding a trumpet player and continuing to push the boundaries of their music.

The Shipbuilders are not just about the music; they are deeply involved in their community, actively supporting charities, food banks, and local causes. Their commitment to social causes and grassroots activism is as much a part of their identity as their music.

The Shipbuilders' music is a reflection of their ever-evolving musical journey, drawing inspiration from various sources. Their songs often start as half-finished jams that the band collectively refines into cohesive tracks during practice sessions. With their latest addition, a trumpet player, the band has introduced a new dimension to their sound, bringing a fresh and dynamic element to their music.

The Shipbuilders are known for their organic approach to creating music, where inspiration guides their direction rather than adhering to a specific formula. Their dedication to their craft and their community involvement make them a band that not only creates compelling music but also fosters a sense of unity and social awareness among their fans and followers.

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