Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked some questions a lot, so we thought it prudent to have the answers here. This is not exhaustive and definitely some of these answers will change over time, for now these are the answer to these questions.


Q. We would like to distribute your beer in [COUNTRY] can we buy a pallet or two.

A. Sadly we just are not in the position to export and increase our distribution. Naturally we would love to and we are working very hard on increasing capacity but at the moment the answer is sorry but no.


Q. I have an Instagram account with [X] amount of followers, would you like to send me some free beer to review?

A. As much as we love instagram and social media to get the news of what's happening in the brewery out to people, we do not buy in to this idea of social influencers. We get it, it's just that it leaves us feeling empty. We also can not help but think that the majority of people who are influenced by an instagram account are not old enough to drink. So if you would like to review our beers, your best chance will be to dig deep or reciprocate with the odd whale or two.


Q. Do you have glassware for sale.

A. We do have glassware but we made a huge error and bought cheap. These glasses just need to glance at a postage box and they splinter in to many pieces. So until these are all gone we wont have any glassware that we are happy to put in the hands of your local postman.


Q. Do you have a Tap Room?

A. Sadly due to the size of our building and the amount of stuff we have crammed into it we do not have space for a Tap Room. We are however working hard at finding the right venue for a Seafood Bar in or around the local area. Watch this space. We do however have a little shop that is open for Can take aways.


Q. Do you do brewery tours?

 A. Due to the answer above it just isn't feasible to do a tour, but if you come to buy some cans from the shop we can give you a quick glance and talk you through the setup.


Q. We sent you a message on [CHOOSE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM] but you haven't responded?

A. As much as we try to keep a handle on all of the inbound traffic, it is difficult. There are so many channels now that we simply can not answer everyone all of the time and in a timely manner. We are a very small team and we also have some beer to brew. So if you have not received an answer from us, please do try again and it is probably best via email. hello [at] verdantbrewing dot co


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