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Matthew Shaw, May 01, 2023

Garage Beer Co - Barcelona

Filed under: Brewing Folk / Podcast
Garage Beer Co - Barcelona

We’ve been visiting Garage Beer Co each Autumn for the past few years for their annual beer festival MASH. The festival was back in full flow in 2022 after a couple of years off and we managed to encourage Alberto Zamborlin to agree to come to Cornwall to join us for a brew at our home here in Penryn.

Flanked by their head Brewer, Dan Ashley. The guys joined us for a few days of fun and work. We caught up with them to hear their story. Listen as we chat all things Garage, MASH Festival, a little bit of brewing and brewing with friends.

Surprise surprise we brewed something pale and hoppy! An IPA hopped to high heaven with Citra, Nectaron and Riwaka. Weirdly named:

Uncensored Sports Parade. 6.5% ABV IPA
Dropping onto the web shop on Wednesday 3rd May.

Garage Beer Co - Barcelona

Started as a brewpub in 2015 in the Eixample neighborhood of Barcelona. In 2017 they opened their main brewery where most of their beers are brewed, though they still use the brewpub for their mixed fermentation beers. You can find them every day at Consell de Cent 261, Barcelona, where they’ll receive you with open arms and fresh beers!



The English name, Cornwall, comes from the Celtic name, to which the Old English word Wealas "foreigner" is added.[13]

In pre-Roman times, Cornwall was part of the kingdom of Dumnonia, and was later known to the Anglo-Saxons as "West Wales", to distinguish it from "North Wales" (modern-day Wales).[14]

Apologies for the sound quality, this was recorded in the Taproom.

Danny === Sales

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