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Matthew Shaw, April 25, 2023

Justin Wiggan

Filed under: Brewing Folk / Podcast
Justin Wiggan


We’re excited to announce a new project here at Verdant Brewing. We will be welcoming award winning sound artist Justin Wiggan as our artist in residence for the coming months.

Justin will be using all of his skills to create a series of sounds in the form of separate audio files which will filed under different categories. Essentially we will have the sounds of People, Brewing, Machines and Ingredients.

These sounds will be created using a variety of techniques that Justin has been working on over the years in order to create projects that have primarily focussed on personal & human wellbeing.

We however, will inviting you to make your very own music from the sounds of a brewery. Not simply atmospheric sounds but sounds created by the very vibrations in the building, the ingredients and the people.

Justin is an artist working at the frontiers of arts and public intervention. His practice includes a range of media from sound, phonics, film, drawing, installation, interventions and performance, and has also attracted collaboration across the medical research and creative industry sectors. But this will be the his first time creating sounds in a brewery.

His project Internal Garden is an immersive sound art research performance programme of live investigation, interactive art installation, educational events and a public exhibition in context of the themes of the sound art and plant consciousness.

From grains, hops and living yeast, Justin will be creating series of engaging soundscape compositions. All created from sounds extracted from the energy from the entire process of Verdant Brewing. The process, it’s people and it’s place.

These unique soundscapes will be gifted to the community as sonic Lego, around which we ask the world to create a 3 minute response. That response is up to you, it can be music it can be mood. Meditation or drone. It’s really all up to you.

We will be hoping to choose the best submissions to be featured on a vinyl record. We will have a limited number pressed up and all those successfully having a track on the record will receive a copy alongside an exclusive beer we will be making with Justin.

All of this will celebrated with an event at the taproom, where folk will be able to experience all of the sounds and music created alongside the inclusion of Justin’s. haptic suits that add another layer of experience. The date for this event is TBC.

Creating links to senses that extend the expectancy of a brewery wellbeing provision.


Justin Wiggan -

Justin’s aim is to educate, share and engage people with sound as a creative field and reconnect with their lives using sound art. He also extends his artistic practice into collaborative research in galleries, youth homes, and public access spaces with community groups and leading workshops within areas of vulnerable elements of society, palliative care, mental health and education.

Justin runs Glass Twin LTD ,a company who uses sound as a tool to promote mental wellbeing through technology, reflection, nostalgia and memory. Glass Twin LTD is a sound and health focused company which aims to improve community resilience and individual wellbeing though a simple, accessible process that reconnects us with the world of sound. Glass Twin uses are reflective process with customers to develop bespoke soundscapes; and products incorporating the soundscape.

Glass Twin has worked in a range of settings including hospices, prisons and schools. The company has also worked with emergency services and charities working to support people with mental ill health or additional needs.

“Justin’s is one of the most important artists working across arts and health right now, his ground-breaking work has huge potential for impact across life sciences, a testament to the power of creativity in health and wellbeing.”

Karen Newman - Director of B.O.M

Justin has been shortlisted for the Royal Society of Public Health Wellbeing Award 2021 ( winner announced end of Oct )and two Royal Television Society awards.

His works have been exhibited nationally and internationally: B.O.M Birmingham, Protein Gallery London, Baltic Gallery, Citric Gallery Italy, Gigantic Art Space New York.

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