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Tim Duquenne, March 13, 2024

A Knitwear Adventure

Filed under: Brewing Folk / Stories
A Knitwear Adventure

In a daring escapade that's bound to leave you with your pints half full and your spirits entirely lifted, We decided to embark on a marketing journey unlike any other. Forget conventional brewery shoots with their predictable backdrops; we chose to weave our narrative in the wild, unpredictable arms of Cornwall's Roseland Peninsula. 

Our mission? To showcase our new range of knitwear – because, frankly, what pairs better with a crisp pint of ale than a snug, stylish jumper that whispers, "I know my brew"?

Our adventure began at the legendary Hidden Hut, a gem so well-concealed by nature's embrace that you might just miss it if you're not guided by the enticing aromas of their local cuisine. Here, amidst the salty sea air and wild whispers of the Cornish coast, our team donned the inaugural pieces of our knitwear collection. The concept was simple: nothing says 'cosy' quite like feasting on the Hut's famed Dahl, wrapped in the warmth of knits. And yes, we might have looked a tad over prepared for lunch by the beach, but when the sea breeze kissed our cheeks, we knew we had the upper hand (and the warmest one, at that).


Fuelled by our hearty lunch and emboldened by the snugness of our jumpers, we journeyed to the Fal River for a traditional Canadian kayak expedition, setting sail from the wonderfully secluded 7th Rise. Picture this: a flotilla of brewers, marketeers, and the odd brave soul from accounting, all decked out in Verdant's finest garms, paddling through the tranquil waters of the Fal River. If there was ever a sight to behold, it was us – battling the elements with oars in hand and not a single shiver between us, thanks to our trusty jumpers. A few onlookers seemed puzzled, witnessing a group so determined to prove the seaworthiness of knitwear, but to them, we raised our oars in salute and paddled on by.

No Verdant expedition could ever be complete without a visit to a beloved local pub, and The Standard Inn at Gerrans was our chosen port of call. There, in the golden hour light, with our knitwear now slightly damp but our spirits undimmed, we clinked glasses filled with our finest ales. Our jumpers, having braved both sea and river, now faced their final test: the pub's warm embrace. It was here, among the laughter, that our photo shoot found its perfect crescendo. We might have entered as a curious band of adventurers, but we left as the toast of the tavern, our mission accomplished and our jumpers as snug as ever.

So, to those of you reading this, we pose a simple question: Why settle for the ordinary in your choice of knitwear, when you can embrace the extraordinary with Verdant Brewing Co? Our new knitwear range isn’t just a statement in style; it's a testament to the adventures that await when you dare to pair the comfort of knits with the love of a good ale.

Our journey through The Roseland, from the culinary shores of The Hidden Hut, through the kayaking escapades on the Fal River, and into the warm welcome of The Standard, was more than just a photo shoot; it was a declaration. Verdant Brewing Co is more than just beer; it's a lifestyle. And with our new range of knitwear, we're ready to conquer both the elements and the bar in style.


So here's to adventures, ale, and apparel that keeps you cosy no matter where your journey takes you. 

And to those who wonder if knitwear and kayaking mix well, we say: only if your jumper is from Verdant. 

Cheers! 😉


Massive thank you to The Hidden Hut, Portscatho, 7th Rise, Penperth and The Standard Inn, Gerrans. We had such a great day and it wouldn’t have been possible without your support..

Pictures: © Danny North

Fisherman Jumper (Grey) - Spec 1
Countryman (Green) and Norwegian (Navy and Red) - Spec 2

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