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Barrel-aged stout & hanging out: our plans for Indy Man

Barrel-aged stout & hanging out: our plans for Indy Man

Indy Man is one of our favourite weekends of the year. We love the city of Manchester, but even more we love the breweries and the people that this magnificent festival attracts. By focusing on independence the beer list is always diverse and exciting, and it gives a platform to the smaller brewers coming up.

After a few years of treading water in the pools we’ve decided to step it up and get our own room. That means you’ll get an immersive Verdant experience as well as a wider selection of some beers we’re really proud of. We feel like we’re hitting our stride down in Falmouth at the moment, and it’s good timing given our plans to crowdfund towards the end of the year. On that note, we’ll be appearing on a panel on independence on Thursday night, so if you’re headed to that session make sure you book a ticket.

Whether you can make that panel or not, come by for a chat with us in the Turkish baths, where we will be pouring some of the best beers we have ever made – including our first ever barrel-aged beer. Here's the list!

Photon Trails (Australian Cascade)

Photon Trails is our pale ale series with rotational hops, where we try to balance the idea of a smash able pale ale with all the flavour and body of our bigger beers. While we dial in that mash bill and water profile, we keep things exciting by trying out new hops. This time we’ve used Aussie cascade hops, which have that soft spice and floral quality of the US ones but dials up the grapefruit notes.

Photon Trails (Galaxy, Enigma)

With similar yeast and malt bills to the cascade version, for this edition of Photon Trails gets rid of the floral, grapefruit skin vibes in favour of an all-our citrus assault. There’s loads of over-ripe tropical fruit but also a decent whack of bitterness thanks to the higher acid contents of these giant aroma hops.

Eye of the Duck (DEYA collab)

We love working with the guys at DEYA and could smash out hazy IPAs with them for days. But this time we decided to go a bit off piste with what came out as liquid cherry pie thanks to the raspberries, almonds, lactose and just a hint of vanilla. Only pouring Thursday and Fridayat our stand, then you can sample it at the DEYA bar.

Don’t Tell Gus

So named because we didn’t want to tell our accountant how much this beer cost to make, don’t tell Gus found us going all out on the water profile to make a super thick and velvety mouthfeel to rival even a German Hefeweiss, which only emphasises the amazing tropical fruit juice aroma and finish.

Planets Don’t Twinkle (Galaxy)

We love Galaxy hops and with a series name like Planets Don’t Twinkle it was only a matter of time before we used it for a our single hop IPA range. Here we show off the wild pine, resin and ripe citrus qualities of the hops while trying to rein in the bitterness to make it endlessly sippable.

Even Sharks Need Water

One of our most popular IPAs and with good reason, we put together an A team of Simcoe, Citra and Galaxy with our super fruity house yeast strain to make a classic New England IPA – just a hint of bitterness, and a balance of sharper citrus fruits to stop the tropical aroma being too sweet.

Friday, George’s Darkness Begins

Our second ever imperial stout, and this one we left sweet and sticky to conjure up nostalgic flavours of liquorice and more grown up complex flavours like molasses and dark chocolate.

Don’t Fear the Ferry Man

Our first ever barrel-aged beer! This rich stout has spent months in Woodford Reserve barrels, soaking up into the wood and extracting all those amazing boozy whisky, coconut and oak flavours and aromas. It’s rich, complex and (we think) really nicely balanced. We’d love your feedback too.

We choose to be independent, and that’s the point.

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We choose to be independent, and that’s the point.

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It's nearly time for Verdant to Bloom.

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