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We're Hiring

We're Hiring

Seafood Bar Manager.

We are finally getting the keys to the Seafood Bar in Falmouth and we thank our lovely Crowdfunders for making this a reality. We should apologise that it has taken so much longer than we would have liked to get to this stage.

But now we are here we need some staff and that starts with a General Manager. This person will need to be a boss. Can take on the day to day running of the Seafood Bar.

We are searching for a committed, proactive manager who will enjoy working in an exciting, fast-paced albeit small environment. The manager will promote and grow the business, hire and train waitstaff, and ensure that customers are receiving excellent food, and excellent service. The Verdant Seafood bar needs to be the friendliest, tastiest little spot in Falmouth. The food will be as free flowing as the beer and the good times.

You will need to manage the stock and resources, plan promotional events, ensure that quality and safety controls are followed and set business objectives to increase profits and maximise customer satisfaction. We need a person who can be the face at the front of this wonderful new adventure for Verdant Brewing. Someone who is happy to serve those late comers when really you want to be closing the kitchen, someone who embraces the whims of other people and accommodates them with a smile. You will naturally pass these attributes on to the other members of the team.

In order to succeed as manager, you should be observant and have the ability to think critically and efficiently. You should be a skilled communicator with excellent problem solving, observation, and interpersonal skills.

Bar Manager Responsibilities

  • Manage the business aspects of the bar, such as negotiating supplier contracts, 
  • Taking inventory and reordering supplies, managing budgets, and setting goals.
  • Hiring and training staff to provide excellent service to customers.
  • Creating effective schedules and quickly resolving conflicts to ensure that bar is well staffed during peak hours.
  • Working with diverse personalities both on the staff and customers.
  • Planning and taking part in Verdant promotional events.
  • Maintaining a fun, safe atmosphere for customers.

Now we need to move fast and we will be looking for the right person for this job. So salary will be dependant on experience. Please drop us a line if you would like to discuss the role in any more detail. If you would like to apply please send a covering letter and a current CV to

Deadline for applications Tuesday 26th July

No Agencies please.

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