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Tim Duquenne, May 17, 2024

Coast to Coast - A Coastal Celebration

Filed under: Brewing Folk / News
Coast to Coast - A Coastal Celebration

Get ready to embark on a coastal beer journey like no other! We are thrilled to announce the "Coast to Coast" project, a collaboration between ourselves, our mates at Floc Brewing Co, and our lovely beer distributor Pigs Ears. This special event is set to take place over the long bank holiday weekend from May 24th to 27th, bringing together beer enthusiasts across the south coast of England for a celebration of craft beer.

The "Coast to Coast" project is all about community, creativity, and the love of great sessionable beer. Spanning from the glorious shores of Kent to the stunning coastline of Cornwall, this event will see over 30+ venues pouring two unique beers brewed specifically for this celebration. Both beers will be available in both cask and keg. 

"The Otherness" by Verdant Brewing Co

Citra, Mosaic, Nectaron. "The Otherness" is our latest creation—a hazy Pale Ale that stands at a sessionable 5% ABV. This golden yellow beauty is designed to delight your senses with its dank tropical notes and vibrant fruitiness. Expect an explosion of pineapple, passion fruit, and stone fruit aromas that meld seamlessly into each sip, delivering a juicy experience that captures the essence of a classic Verdant beer.

"Cornerland" by Floc Brewing Co

Our friends at Floc Brewing Co have crafted a masterpiece of their own with "Cornerland"—a hazy Pale Ale also at 5% ABV. Brewed with a harmonious blend of Nelson Sauvin, Pacific Sunrise, Citra, and Motueka hops, Cornerland offers an intensely fruity aroma with hints of tropical fruit, vibrant citrus, and subtle white wine nuances. The flavor profile balances juiciness with a refreshing citrus zest, making it a complex, aromatic, and incredibly smooth drinking experience.


From May 24th to 27th, 30+ venues across the south coast will be buzzing with the launch of our "Coast to Coast" project. Whether you’re in Kent, Cornwall, or somewhere in between, you’ll have the chance to enjoy these two exceptional beers in a nearby venue. This is more than just a beer event—it's a celebration of community, creativity, friendship, collaboration and the shared passion for great sessionable beers in kegs and casks.

Participating venues: 

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