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We Are Brewing Folk

A place for the Verdant community to learn more about the people, culture and projects of Verdant Brewing Co. We are Brewing Folk.

Tue 02 Apr 2024

Pages - A Literary Event

Adam Robertson: News

Friday May 17th - 18:00 - 01:00 We're delighted to announce a new event happening in May at the Tate Modern - Corner Bar. …

Mon 25 Mar 2024

Small Batch Project - Discover our releases

Tim Duquenne: News

Small Batch Project: A new ongoing series of adventurous beers brewed at very low volume, using staff-led recipes and exciting new ingredients.For this new project, …

Wed 28 Feb 2024

ORE, our new collab IPA and the myths behind its label

Tim Duquenne: News

Our latest collab IPA, ORE, was brewed with our friends from Saint Monday Brewery (Hackney, London). Expect a joyful and breezy mouthful of hop by way of …

Tue 09 Jan 2024

Putty 2024 Launch!

Tim Duquenne: News

We are really excited to announce that our famous DIPA Putty is coming back for a 2024 edition. Cans will be available at 10.30am on the …

Wed 22 Nov 2023

My Kind of Maybe

Tim Duquenne: News

Daniel Graham, a versatile Graphic Designer, operates as a freelance professional in Newlyn, Cornwall. With a decade-long design career, he has collaborated with numerous …

Wed 30 Aug 2023

Cornish Creatives x Little Palais

Adam Robertson: News

As we welcome back Cornish Creatives to the beer lineup for 2023, we have made a decision to not just focus on those who work …

Mon 21 Aug 2023

Falmouth Beer Trail 2023 - Everything You Need To Know!

Tim Duquenne: News

 Hey folks! We're stocked to finally share the news with y'all: the Falmouth Beer Trail is making its comeback for 2023! After the success …

Wed 19 Jul 2023

Godspeed, a collab IPA with Hops and Crafts

Adam Robertson: News

    Chris from Hops & Crafts is moving back across the pond. Farewell Chris. We met Chris from Hops & Crafts, Exeter, at …

Fri 21 Apr 2023

Introducing SUNDIALER Pale Ale, launching on tap in 120+ venues around the U.K

Tim Duquenne: News

Creating a crushable hazy Pale Ale that invites a sun-drenched drinking session whilst neither breaking the bank nor paralysing your palate is a real …

Tue 11 Apr 2023

Crafting Creativity: The Story Behind 'The First Note' Collaboration Beer (Verdant x Tate)

Tim Duquenne: News

We recently had a proposition from the Tate in London, asking if we would like to work and collaborate on their upcoming exhibition between …

Thu 12 Jan 2023

Putty 2023 - Webshop Can Drop + Exclusive UK Draught Launch

Tim Duquenne: News

The 2023 version of Putty (DIPA) will be available on our webshop Wednesday 18th January at 10.30am. Putty was originally conceived as a special …

Thu 14 Jul 2022

Little Summer Beer Bash 2022 - All you need to know!

Tim Duquenne: News

We’re really excited to welcome you all to Penryn on Saturday 23rd July for our Little Summer Beer Bash 2022. The Little Summer Beer …

Mon 13 Jun 2022

The Verdant Cask Project

Tim Duquenne: News

We are making cask ale! At Verdant, we all absolutely love drinking great cask ale, so we've dedicated a couple of small tanks to …

Mon 21 Feb 2022

Announcing our Little Summer Beer Bash 2022

Tim Duquenne: News

The Little Summer Beer Bash is a brewer-run, intimate beer festival co-hosted by Verdant, DEYA, and Left Handed Giant. This year's edition is taking …

Wed 19 Jan 2022

It's 2022 and Putty is back!

Tim Duquenne: News

The 2022 version of Putty is now available and of course, still unchanged to the original 2017 brew!  Glowing like a satsuma in a pint …

Tue 28 Dec 2021

We are opening our new Taproom!

Tim Duquenne: News

  06.01.22 When we started Verdant back in 2014 we always knew that the best way to enjoy our beers would be to offer …

Tue 20 Jul 2021

Müdwig Has A Beef System

Adam Robertson: News

Daniel Sparks AKA Müdwig. Consider us astounding when we discovered we had such talents working in our very team! Like many relationships within Verdant we …

Tue 20 Apr 2021

AJ Higgins in for Creative Cornwall Series

Adam Robertson: News

AJ is an illustrator based in Cornwall, England. Her use of characters comes from being a constant doodler and avid day dreamer. Growing up, …

Mon 22 Feb 2021

We're opening our doors!

Adam Robertson: News

We’ve been here for over a year now and what a year that’s turned out to be. When we started the project of moving …

Thu 15 Oct 2020

Andy Lawrence & Seldom Often

Brody Rossiter: News

As we plough headlong into the winter season it feels appropriate to release a big Russian imperial stout! And what better way than to showcase the …

Mon 14 Sep 2020

The Snow Globe effect

Adam Robertson: News

The Snow Globe Effect. We are aware that our latest DIPA, Unfurling of the Hooks and previously Too Many Opinions has been pouring with …

Fri 28 Aug 2020

Jamie Medlin & Meshes of the Afternoon

Adam Robertson: News

Round three of our Cornish Creatives series sees us joined by Jamie Medlin. A Cornish boy through and through, and an artist that can …

Tue 28 Jul 2020

Sonia Hensler & Unconventional Tactics

Adam Robertson: News

Hot off the heels of Nick Radford's wonderful artwork for ‘Tomorrow Is’ we have another amazing Cornish Creative collaboration lined up. Please say hello …

Tue 21 Jul 2020

Nick Radford & Tomorrow Is

Adam Robertson: Cornish Creatives / News

Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow is a brighter future. Tomorrow is hope. Tomorrow is our new beer and the first in line for our …

Wed 15 Jul 2020

Introducing Cornish Creatives

Adam Robertson: News

We’re releasing new beers… Great news we hear you say! But the best bit is that the labels will feature a selection of Cornwall's …

Wed 10 Jun 2020

Verdant x Pavement Licker

Adam Robertson: News

Our latest project is an exciting collaboration with the world-renowned Pavement Licker ‘zine. It’s been documenting underground art for most of this century, it’s totally …
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