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Sam Taylor & Kieran Corder, July 03, 2024

Das Radler ist lecker ja?

Filed under: Brewing Folk / News
Das Radler ist lecker ja?

Small Batch #5 is upon us. Sam & Kieran have had this beer plotted since Christmas. What could be better in the hot Summer months, watching football coming home from the Radler’s homeland (unlikely we know, but what are dreams made of?).

For those not in the know, The radler owes its creation to a 1920s German innkeeper named Franz Kugler. When a large group of thirsty cyclists descended on a Bavarian inn. With the landlord realising there wasn’t enough beer to slake their thirst, he chose to cut what beer he had 50:50 with cloudy lemonade. At that moment, this refreshing, low abv summer drink was born. Also, this explains the name - Radler is the German word for cyclist.

With the arrival of our small batch project, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try our hand at making this refreshing style. When (if) the sun is shining, what could possibly be more enjoyable than a zingy, lemony, low alcohol pint? Drinking pints of our Helles at the Christmas party and dreaming of the longer days, it seemed like a no brainer.

Having tried a fair few last summer, it seemed that nailing the balance between sharpness and sweetness was the key. The ones I enjoyed most had enough zip and zing to temper the lager sweetness, making them hugely gulpable and refreshing. Since most ready made lemonade is a little too sweet, we decided to make our own!

After many weeks of discussion and “research”, Sam & Kieran were finally decided on their approach for this style. Many lemonade making forays in the kitchen gave them the sugar/lemon/water ratio that cut just right with half a glass of Helles. All they needed to do was make 1000 litres of lemonade instead of 1! 

They made the sugar and water mix in the kettle before adding 200 kg of fresh, vibrant lemon juice. They then blended in the same volume again of our bready, Germanic Helles.

What is the result? Exactly what you’d expect, pure refreshment! Looking a lot like a more golden glass of cloudy lemonade, fresh zesty lemon and bready malt greet you on both the aroma and flavour. 

Now get out there, work up a thirst and then get a Radler down you! 


Small Batch Project #05
Lemon Radler - 2.4% ABV

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