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We Are Brewing Folk

A place for the Verdant community to learn more about the people, culture and projects of Verdant Brewing Co. We are Brewing Folk.

Wed 27 Mar 2024

Changing My Mind

Ali Millar: My Life In Beer

I recently converted to beer. Until late last year, I’d always preferred spirits; I like feeling fast and half empty. I was 16 when …

Thu 29 Feb 2024

A Sour Summer

Audrey Golden: My Life In Beer

Until the summer of 2012, I’d have told you I didn’t like beer. Didn’t buy it, didn’t drink it. And then I discovered the …

Wed 24 Jan 2024

None For the Road

Stu Hennigan: My Life In Beer

“Alcohol is a way of life. It’s my way of life. And I aim to keep it.” – The Simpsons Season Eight, Episode Eighteen, Homer Versus the …

Sat 23 Dec 2023

Jolly Good Fellow

DBC Pierre: My Life In Beer

‘Whiskey’s too rough, champagne costs too much, vodka puts my mouth in gear…’ Tom T Hall sang this in a country classic of the …

Mon 27 Nov 2023

Backstage Beer Bums

Joel Gion: My Life In Beer

December 10th, 1996 Tonight at The Whiskey a Go Go is for us the first time at the scene of the crime. The crime …

Thu 26 Oct 2023

I learned to drink on Ale

Luke Turner: My Life In Beer

It was perhaps unusual to grow up with the fear that indulging in things I enjoyed might come punished with eternal damnation. I belonged …

Tue 26 Sep 2023

Through Silver in Blood, or, Alcohol - a sober assessment

Dan Franklin: My Life In Beer

I knew deep down, in then some unknowable place within me, that I had a problem with alcohol when I first got damagingly drunk. …

Tue 29 Aug 2023

My Life in Beer

Harry Sword: My Life In Beer

When I was a toddler my mum turned around in her studio to find me swigging from a jam jar full of turps used …

Fri 14 Jul 2023

Be Intoxicated

Richard Milward: My Life In Beer

My favourite literary guidance comes from Charles Baudelaire’s ‘Enivrez-vous’ (‘Be Intoxicated’, or just ‘Get Drunk’), one of the prose-poems in his 1869 Le Spleen …

Tue 30 May 2023

Drinking for England

Adelle Stripe: My Life In Beer

By the A64, the town where I grew up sits a mile from the dual carriageway, on either side of the River Wharfe. The …

Sat 22 Apr 2023

Old Men With Beer Guts and Dominos

Will Burns: My Life In Beer

It’s not quite true to say I grew up in pubs - though of course that might depend on exactly how far into adulthood …

Wed 22 Mar 2023

Have you got a Mild on?

Jennifer Lucy Allan: My Life In Beer

My sisters and I clutched one another in horror. "No!" I wailed.  "Whyyyyyy?!" my middle sister cried.  The youngest gasped, too grief-stricken to speak.  …

Wed 22 Feb 2023

Hopsickle: My Life in Beer

David Keenan: My Life In Beer

The first alcohol I ever consumed was a can of Strongbow that I split with my mate Stuart Geddes (Gekkie) while walking round Craigneuk …
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