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Adam Robertson, July 28, 2020

Sonia Hensler & Unconventional Tactics

Filed under: Brewing Folk / News
Sonia Hensler & Unconventional Tactics

Hot off the heels of Nick Radford's wonderful artwork for ‘Tomorrow Is’ we have another amazing Cornish Creative collaboration lined up. Please say hello to Sonia Hensler! Sonia has been creating artwork for editorials, advertising and books for over ten years alongside cultivating her passion for life drawing and painting events. Her playful works are mostly simple line drawings awakened by an (often literal) splash of color and the occasional victorian-inspired flourish. She seeks to arouse, amuse and surprise in equal measure.

Sonia originally reached out to us asking to work on a label, and after seeing her work we jumped at the chance. We were instantly captivated by her style of artwork and thought it would be an incredible addition to the Cornish Creatives series.

For this release we've brewed up a very special DIPA that goes by the name, 'Unconventional Tactics'. It’s no secret that Nelson Sauvin is our favourite hop. No secret at all. To this end…here is the most "Nelsony" beer we’ve ever attempted. We’ve added Nelson on top of Nelson, squeezed a bit more Nelson in and then finished it off with some Nelson. Super smooth. Super light. Super Nelson.

Sonia comes from a creative family, her mother is a painter and she has been creating since a very early age. We spoke to her to better understand her processes and discover what inspires her work…

Explain what you do in one short sentence...

I'm a chaotic illustrator making lots of mess.

Did you study your trade and if so where?

Yes, I completed an MA at Academy of Fine Arts in Poland (I'm Polish)

How did you get into your groove?

I was raised in an artistic family, so I found my groove almost automatically – I never wanted to be anything other than an artist. This is my first and only job.

How long have you been creating?

Since pre-school. I'm still going and – I suppose - will never stop.

If you weren't creating what would you be doing?

This is a very hard question because I have so little experience in other professions. Honestly, I quite fancy being a stripper.

What’s beyond your wildest dreams?

Cloning my husband for double trouble. I would also quite like to have shockingly, brilliant white hair like that old guy from Kill Bill (but not the eyebrows or beard).

Who do you take the most inspiration from and why?

I'm a very visual person and take a lot of inspiration from film. Directors that explore taboo and the sensual like Bernardo Bertolucci, Peter Greenaway and Paolo Sorrentino spring to mind! They have a lightness of touch and seem unafraid to explore challenging subjects in an effortless, almost whimsical way and have fun with it. Terry Gilliam would probably be another one....

Why did you create/choose this piece for the can art?

I work very quickly and often employ the 'first idea is the best idea' approach. As soon as I was told the name 'Unconventional Tactics' the image of a female samurai popped into my head so I rolled with it!

What does Cornwall mean to you?

I completed a five month scholarship in Falmouth as part of my studies and fell in love with the place, the pace, the sea, and literally fell in love when I met my husband – a Cornishman. As soon as I finished my studies I came back here and have remained ever since. Simply, it is home.

What’s your best piece of work and how did it come about?

I have recently published a very adult colouring book called Casanova Erotica. It was a long time in the making; I wanted it to be something quite unique and, being the niche product it is, it also took a while to find a publisher. 18th Century Venetian high society was the perfect back-drop to bring my more nefarious ideas to life. Think lavish period costume, masked balls, wayward nuns, secret societies and a little bit of the devil. I'm proud of that!

Sonia Hensler | Website | Instagram |

Unconventional Tactics will be available to purchase from the Verdant webshop from 10:30AM on Wednesday July 29nd.


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