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Adam Robertson, May 24, 2024

Pages at the Tate Modern.

Filed under: Brewing Folk / News
Pages at the Tate Modern.

- David Keenan and Matthew Shaw


On Friday 17th May we descended on the Tate modern for our inaugural Pages event. Flanked by the awesome Beak Brewery of Lewes and Track Brewing from Manchester. The Pages idea was originally put to us by Stefan Melbourne of Track. 

The idea was to bring together publishers, authors and beer. A great idea all round. As we have been working with White Rabbit now for around a year, most of that content can be found within the Brewing Folk blog right here. Track has recently been working with Picador on events at their Taproom and it felt natural to bring us together with Beak, who has an equally good relationship with Faber & Faber.

So the three breweries began to coordinate an evening of talks including one author from each publisher. Coupled with a Tap takeover at the brand new Tate Corner Bar. Hosted by Matthew Shaw (Stone Club) alongside an internationally renowned DJ in Justin Robertson, we had all the pieces for what was going to be a fantastic evening. And it really was!

Partnering with White Rabbit is always a great experience for us. They have some fantastic authors on their roster and we were delighted that David Keenan agreed to join us on the night. Discussing his novel Monument Maker, David treated us to his thoughts on the writing process, magic and being in the flow. 

Beak was joined by Eliza Clark. Eliza opened the evening by reading a story unheard before and then discussed her two novels “Boy Parts “and “Penance”. Boy Parts is her incendiary debut novel, a pitch-black comedy both shocking and hilarious, fearlessly exploring the taboo regions of sexuality and gender roles in the twenty-first century. Penance, is a dizzying feat of masterful storytelling, 

Track treated us to an insight to the art and music scene in central London during the 70s - 80s. Rose Boyt, the daughter of Lucian Freud, one of the foremost 20th-century English portraitists. Rose gave us a reading which spoke of standing as a model for her father along with many other stories of being a part of the punk scene in both London and New York. Andy Warhol once proposed to her.

All in all a great evening.  You can now listen back to each talk below.

David Keenan


Rosie Boyt


Eliza Clark

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