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Crowdcube FAQ: what happens now?

Crowdcube FAQ: what happens now?

We've had lots of questions since our Crowdcube campaign finished. You put your faith in us and it's time for us to repay that! We've been working really hard behind the scenes to get everything in order, and now we're excited to start putting it into action. The below questions are the ones we get the most, and hopefully we've  answered them all. We'll be updating regularly through our various channels as everything happens but the short version is rewards will start happening by the end of Feb, and the brewery will be up and running in Autumn!

If you have any more questions, hit us up on social or drop us an email (

When will the new brewery open, and when’s the party?

Our aim is to be open by early Autumn. We know that these things often get delayed, but we have got all our ducks in a row and are confident we can achieve this. Of course, we’ll keep you updated with our progress so make sure you are signed up to our newsletter, and follow us on social using @verdantbrew.

What happens in the meantime?

As you were soldier! We’ll continue brewing at our current site right up to the point where our new brewery comes on line, has been commissioned and is releasing beers. That way there is no chance of a shortage of beer – beyond what there always has been! If you would like Verdant beers in your part of the world, please do drop us a line. 

What will happen to the old site?

We are currently undecided on what will happen with Tresidder place. Our new brewery has lots of space to do everything we need, but we also love our current location. We will reveal all when we have made that tough decision.

I’ve read about lots of new styles coming out. Are you still going to make your hazy IPAs?

Hell yeah! It’s what we got into brewing to do, and we’ll never leave it behind. We want to expand our range and push ourselves, but we’ll only ever release beers we’re confident about and we’ll always back them up with lots and lots of delicious, juicy pales, IPAs and DIPAs.

When will I get my discount?

Discounts will be available to all those who qualify as soon as we have finished with the legals and have issued all shares. With over 2,000 investor documents to sign and a lots of hoops to jump through this is going to take a while, so we expect to have discounts ready to go by the end of February.

When will the invest beers and glassware be sent out?

See above!

When will the seafood restaurant open?

Seafood bar will be opening in February 2019. We’re sorry for the delay in this, but we are really excited to show you the amazing work that’s been done down there. It’s going to be a special place! All those who helped us by supporting the Crowdfunder back in April 2018 (not our recent Crowdcube campaign) for the Seafood bar will see their vouchers valid for another year. You can follow our progress on instagram using @verdant_taps_tapas.


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