FOMO – or rather FOYMO

It’s been a whirlwind start to the year, what with our Crowdcube campaign closing with over 2000 investors and thousands of Putty cans selling out in about 20 minutes. The next week we put a smaller load of Mary Lou, our mini-Neil, up on the webstore only for it to sell out before most mailouts made it through spam filters!

We just want to say that we have a genuine fear of you missing out – we never set out to create scarcity and we’d love everyone to be able to get hold of our beers. While we knew Putty would be popular, it seems we wildly underestimated the demand for Mary Lou and perhaps some of our other pales – clearly you lot aren’t doing Dry January!

There are a few points to make here, but first up we want to assure you that this week plenty more Mary Lou went out to trade this week and that is always the case with our canned releases. We know that our webshop sells out fast, so even after our Experiment allocations, the vast majority of beers go out to our trade customers around the country. That way we make sure people all have as fair a shot at getting hold of the beers as possible. It’s not perfect, but expect to see Mary Lou out and about in trade from around now!

When we expand we hope this will alleviate the pressure we have on our stock but also on our brewhouse. Every single batch of every single beer we brew is a double batch, and with just a handful of fermenters that limits how much we can put out. With the new brewery we’re going to be double brewing on a kit three times the size, and will have lots more individual fermenters to fill up with our seasonals. While many breweries tend to double down on their core ranges as they grow, we really hope that the expansion will give us more flexibility to vary both our schedule and the styles we produce in that schedule – while still releasing more of each beer when we do. That means more choice and less fear of missing out for everyone.

So please accept our apologies if you missed out on Putty or Mary Lou, and check out our Twitter feed, where we update people daily on where to find our beers as and when we are alerted to them going on sale or being tapped!

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