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When we decided to crowdfund for our very own Seafood Bar the idea was simple. Verdant beers and great fresh seafood. The idea of having a physical space in which people could enjoy our beers has always been on our minds and when we started the brewery in it's current guise a Tap Room was high on the agenda. We soon realised that we just didn't have the space or the time and energy to run a tap room out of the brewery so we closed it.

When we saw this opportunity we knew that it had to happen. An existing Seafood Bar in a great part of town, couple this with our beers and we have our tap room back again, but better! You can expect top notch fresh food, made from the freshest local caught fish. Served up in a relaxed environment, just straight up good times.

But we need your help to make it a reality. The Crowdfunder is based on rewards, from a beer or two, a meal or returns on your pledge in the way of vouchers. We will offer you 50% of the money you pledge in vouchers to spend either in the Seafood bar or on our online store. If you do pledge you will also receive a priority at our online store, we will offer you a link to purchase beers before they go on general sale. So that's a win right there!

So jump aboard if you fancy having a wonderful Seafood bar in Falmouth. Like the idea of getting free beer and or food. We'd love to see you there!

Visit the Crowdfunder page here

Available pledges

  • £10 - Thanks!
  • £20 - The First Beers on us
  • £50 - Have a meal and the food is on us
  • £100 - £500 Bank of Verdant / your pledge + 50% in Vouchers
  • £1000 - Come and have a party with us and 12 of your friends
  • £3000 - Design and Brew a beer with us and then enjoy a party





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