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So that escalated quickly...

So that escalated quickly...

Well what can we say? We didn’t expect things to move so fast, but here we are five days in and overfunding already. Firstly, a huge thanks to everyone who has invested in us – it means the world and you now become part of Team Verdant. That's what we find very, very exciting!

A big expansion has been on our minds for the best part of a year, but was kickstarted by the ideal property we have found. A building like this is gold dust because, for some unknown reason, most of property built around the Falmouth and Penryn is very low rise. For the brewery we need high ceilings, so when this property at nearly eight metres tall became available we had to jump.  

As we move into the next phase of crowdfunding we thought we should give some more details on our new home. The plan is to purchase this former shipyard building with a commercial mortgage. It's a no brainer – the associated costs of owning it are the same as what we pay currently for our blue warehouse, additional warehouse unit and the three shipping containers! 

Currently we have no space to breathe, let alone show people around the brewery, so as much as we enjoy having visitors, sometimes we simply can't offer them as much time as their travel to us deserves. I remember one guy once drove from Leeds only to find we had no beer in stock (use the telephone before coming please)!

Now we have plenty of space, the task is creating our dream brewery and an environment we are proud to serve our beers in, host events and invite people to. We've talked a lot about the huge brewery, but we hope the taproom will be something special too. It looks out over the brewhouse so you can see everything we're up to, and there will be outside space too, for those short summers we get to enjoy. The new space will be both these things and more. The ultimate goal is to have a venue where we can host live music events, and the new building lends itself to that. 

In regards to pushing forwards, we now have a solid platform to build on and make all of this come true. We have the ability to asset finance large chunks of the build as well as debt finance, but we want to stride on and raise more. We'd much rather release more equity to you guys – the people who drink the beer and have made all of this possible. This is the final brewery, our only big expansion, and we want as many of you to be part of it as possible.

Without you guys we have no business. So we ask that if you have already invested, you keep on sharing. If you haven’t but are tempted, become a member of Team Verdant and help us push on to the next level.

We want Verdant to be the destination brewery in Cornwall.  

Thanks for all your support so far now let’s keep the momentum and push on for the next target, 1 Million! Click here to invest.

(Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please invest aware.)

Our Crowdcube campaign is live! It's time to Bloom!

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Our Crowdcube campaign is live! It's time to Bloom!

Our Crowdcube campaign is now live! Help us build a new 15,000hl brewery and taproom!

More than just a helping HAND...

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More than just a helping HAND...

Verdant wasn't just built by us, but by our friends who came before us, people like Pete Walker of HAND.

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