It's nearly time for Verdant to Bloom.

As we gear up for our Crowdfunder and the biggest adventure of our lives, we thought it was time to look back.

Barrel-aged stout & hanging out: our plans for Indy Man

Come see us in the Turkish Baths at IMBC for the best list of beers we've ever put together.

We choose to be independent, and that’s the point.

Craft beer is at the start of a period of consolidation. It's an important time to work out where we stand.

Verdant, popping cans & being open about it all

A few months ago several of our beers got severely over-carbed. We want to explain why and what we're doing about it.

We're Hiring

Bar restaurant manager looking for a new role in Falmouth Cornwall. Read on...

BeaverEx 2018

It's with a heavy heart that we have to announce our withdrawal from the Beavertown Extravaganza 2018. As most of you already know Beavertown have announced …

Join the Team

Verdant are on the hunt for another fine person to join the team. We need someone who is happy to come onboard and handle our …

Colabs, Canning and a Quiet Charge

Collaborations A Go Go So I write this in the midst of 'colab season'.  Starting with the KCBC (Kings County Brewers Collective) brew a …

Crowdfunding Taps & Tapas

When we decided to crowdfund for our very own Seafood Bar the idea was simple. Verdant beers and great fresh seafood. The idea of …

Sales & Events and other things too

CLOSED FOR APPLICATIONS Sales & Events Assistant So in 2016, Adam almost killed himself doing all the events throughout the country for Verdant. From Scotland …

Opportunity Knocks

We have no shame! That's right we are a bunch of sell outs. The first opportunity of money and we bite their hands …

We're Recruiting

Here at Verdant we require some more hands. With the imminent arrival of our canning line and additional fermentation vessels we will require more bodies …
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